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Speeches and Public Events

The Renewed Consular Section Inauguration by Ambassador Ricciardone

March 26, 2012

Ambassador Francis Ricciardone at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara.

In the name of the American people, we officially welcome you to our newly-renovated Consular section. This reconstruction allows us to increase the number of Turkish citizens we can serve. When the Consular Section started operating at this location in 1998, we had only one Consul, two Vice Consuls, and six local Turkish colleagues. There were just three interview windows and only eleven chairs in the waiting room. Since then, relations between the United States and Turkey have flourished – more and more citizens of Turkey are traveling to the United States than ever before! We now have a Consular Section representative of the strong relationship our two countries enjoy. We have twelve interview windows and a waiting room with the capacity to seat 75. Today, our Consular section will soon be home to over 30 American and Turkish colleagues. We remain committed to providing the best possible customer service to our Turkish friends and to making the process of obtaining a visa and traveling to the United States as painless as possible. The United States welcomes our friends from Turkey – we hope to see you here soon!