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Ambassador Ricciardone's Remarks After Meeting with MP Yalçın Akdoğan

June 19, 2013

(Said in Turkish) Friends, I came to the Party Headquarters for a normal visit. We are regularly in touch. We had a nice conversation. 

I will continue in English. 

I came because I stay in close touch with Ministers of the Government, leaders of the governing party, and leaders of the opposition parties. We are friends and allies of Turkey and in times of tension and in times of less tension we are your friends and allies. 

We share really important, common interests as friends and allies. We share an interest in Turkey’s strength as a democracy, as a growing and dynamic economy. 

Our two leaders, the Prime Minister and the President spoke just one month ago about the importance of growing trade and investment between our two countries and that conversation continues. 

At the G8, just the other day, we spoke with the other advanced economies about growing trade and investment, American-European trade and investment, and we see Turkey very much in that context. 

So, I came to consult with the high ranking figures in the Party. We’ll continue those conversations. 

I reaffirmed our support for Turkish democracy, for the principals that we share of freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly. There is no difference between us and the Government of Turkey and the governing party on those principles. So, I’m quite confident that our relations are strong and healthy. And will continue. 

I’m very confident about Turkish democracy. You are having a conversation within your Turkish family. The United States is not participating in it, except the full out faith in you, the Turkish people, and the Turkish Government. And we will stand by you as you have your conversation about your future. I believe this is a friendly country to the United States. It’s a good place for American trade and investment, business, visitors, tourism and I intend to enjoy the summer here in Turkey.     

Q- Did you talk about the Gezi events? 

.. of the United States support for Turkey, Turkey’s democracy, for freedom of expression, for freedom of peaceful assembly and that’s really was what our conversation focused on.