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List of Attorneys - Other Cities

List of Attorneys in Other Cities of Ankara’s Consular District

(Revised February 2009; Updated June 2013)

The American Embassy in Ankara assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms.  Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulates.  Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise and language ability are provided directly by the lawyers; the Embassy is not in a position to vouch for such information.  You may receive additional information about the individuals on the list by contacting the local bar association (or its equivalent) or the local licensing authorities.



Apaydin, Cengiz (Mr.)

Address:   Elmali Mahallesi,
15 Sokak, Guclu Han ,  No. 2/14
07040 Antalya
Tel:    0-242-242-5653, 0-242-242-0709
Fax:    0-242-242-4356

Born in Bucak in 1952.  Graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, in 1976.  Experienced in civil, criminal and commercial cases.

Bulut, Ata (Mr.)

Address:   Ismet Pasa Caddesi,
Gocer Ishani, No. 73-74, K.2
07040 Antalya
Tel:    0-242-241-2052, 0-242-241-3440
Fax:    0-242-247-0880

Born in Antalya in 1933.  Graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, in 1955.  Experienced mainly in civil and commercial law.  Speaks English.

Gunes Law Firm

Address:    Bahçelievler Mah. Konyaaltı Cad.
Cazip Apt. No:46 4-10
Antalya, Turkey
Tel:     0-242-247-5100
Fax:     0-242-247-6555

Günes Law Firm, located in Antalya, Turkey was established by Mr. Umut Günes and Mrs. Ebru Günes, in Kemer, Antalya, in 1999. Günes Law Firm started as a local law office in 1999, and has seen a rapid expansion. This early success came with its approach to provide the best legal services from its three offices (Ankara, Kemer, and Antalya) simultaneously. The firm also takes cases outside of Antalya.  Gunes Law Firm handles adoptions, government relations,  aeronautical/ maritime, insurance, auto/ accidents, investment, banking/ financial, immigration, child custody,  labor relations, civil damages, marketing agreements, collections, marriage/ divorce, contracts, mining, corporations,  narcotics, estates, patents/ trademarks/ copyrights, foreign claims, taxes, foreign investments,  theft/ fraud/ embezzlement cases. Günes Law Firm is also in cooperation with offices (academicians) providing services in tax consultancy, Certified Public Accounting and Accounting and provides all services in German, English, Russian, French, Italian and Turkish. A Law Firm with experience in a wide range of legal areas.

Yarligacli, Ceyda (Ms.)

Address: Ceydayg Law Office
Meltem Mah. I. Baha Surelsan Cad.
Ozari Apt. No. 15 D. 3

Tel: +90-242-237-7849
Fax: +90-242-237-1234
Cellular Telephone: +90-537-256-4077

Born in Eskisehir in 1981.  Graduate of Anadolu University, Faculty of Law, in 2003. Croydon College, City & Guilds Qualification for life and Academic Engilish,2006, BPP Law School-2008, Graduate Diploma in Law (Common Professional Examination) , Anadolu University, Faculty of Finance(present).  She has been practicing law in Antalya since September 2008. Speaks English.

Akoz, Kamil (Mr.)

Address:   Ismet Inonu Blvd.
83/1 Kusadasi, Aydin
Telephones:   0-256-614-2628, 0-256-614-1400
Fax:    0-256-614-2628

Born in Urgup in 1945.  Graduate of Ankara University, Law Faculty, in 1967.  Has private practice in civil and commercial laws.  Speaks some English.

Doskaya, Sukru (Mr.)

Address:   Kazim Pasaji No. 35
Soke, Aydin
Telephones:   0-256-518-1278
Fax:    0-256-518-1278

Born in Ankara in 1943.  Graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Law, in 1966.  Specialized in traffic and civil law.  Handles traffic cases, collections, criminal cases and divorce cases.  Speaks English.

Ekinci, Ceylan (Mr.)

Address:   Cumhuriyet Caddesi
Ucler Ishani, Kat 2
Golhisar, Burdur
Tel:    0-248-411-3088
Fax:    0-248-411-5050
E-mail: or

Born in Burdur in 1947.  Graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, in 1973.  Experienced in civil, criminal and commercial cases.  Speaks English.

Sahin, Ibrahim (Mr.)

Address:   Burc Mahallesi, Senturk Sokak No.1/1
Tel:    0-248-233-4935
Fax:    0-248-233-5282

Born in Akseki, Antalya in 1954.  Graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, in 1979.  Experienced in civil, criminal and estate laws.  Handles collection cases.

Akbaba, Ismail (Mr.)

Address:   Hastane Caddesi
Konak Ishani, No. 2, K.6/608
Tel:    0-258-263-5424
Fax:    0-258-241-1752

Born in Denizli in 1953.  Graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Law, in 1980.  Specializes in labor and commercial law. Speaks some English.

Celik, Giray (Mr.)

Address:   Hastane Caddesi
Konak Ishani No. 6/608
21100 Denizli
Tel:    0-258-242-1024, 0-258-263-5424
Fax:    0-258-263-8752


Cankaya, Unsal (Mr.)

Address:   Eski Adliye Karsisi
Kursuncu Apt. Kat 2 D.6
Tel:    0-246-218-3851
Fax:    0-246-218-9073

Graduate of Bilgi University, Faculty of Law, in 2005. Experienced mainly in commercial cases.  Speaks some English.

Cetinkaya, Ali Fuat (Mr.)

Address:   Kutlubey Mah., Bugday Caddesi
Sukran Sitesi, No. 6-6
Tel:    0-246-218-7522
Fax:    0-246-232-6932

Born in Isparta in 1955.  Graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, in 1977.  Experienced in civil, commercial, criminal and estate cases.  Speaks some English.


Arslanbay, Haluk (Mr.)

Address:     Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi
Ustay Apt. #117 Kat. 4 Office 6
Alsancak, Izmir
Telephones:   0-232-422-6531
Fax:    0-232-463-8223

Haluk Arslanbay was born in Denizli in 1957.  Admitted to the Bar Assocation in 1982.  Education:  Ankara University, Faculty of Law (LL.B, 1980).  Masters Program:  Unfair Conditions in the Common Market.  Principal activities are in commercial and corporate law, international business law, private international and tax law, foreign investments, joint ventures, international market, property, and real estate law.

Merve Balin (Ms.)
Balin & Balin

Address: Cumhuriyet Blv. No:185/5 Alsancak, Izmir
Telephone: 0-232-4644101
Fax: 0-232-4648363

Graduate of Izmir American Collegiate Institute and 9 Eylul Law Faculty. Former in-house lawyer of ESBAS - Aegean Free Zone Dev't and Op. Co.Also, serves as official sworn translator.
Specialized in property law, family law, corporate law and free zone law.

Cengiz, Serkan (Mr.)

Address: Serkan Cengiz Law Office
847 Sokak Coskunoglu Ishani No:6/108
Konak, Izmir                            
Telephones: 0-232-445-3908
Fax:   0-232-489-4198    

Born in 1974, Aydin, Turkey. Graduate of Selçuk University Law Faculty in 1996. Has been qualified since 1998 and has practiced in Istanbul, in London and in Izmir. Member of Izmir Bar Association since 2001. Has extensive experience in criminal cases and the applications before the European Court of Human Rights. Handles also civil, estates, contracts and marketing agreements, marriage/divorce, narcotics, theft/fraud/embezzlement cases. Provides the services of a certified translator. Takes cases particularly in the Aegean region of Turkey (Izmir and the surrounding cities). Fluent in English.

Cukur & Yilmaz Law Firm

Address:    Talatpasa Bulvari No:11 K.2 D.3 Alsancak, Izmir
Telephones:    0-232-465- 0707
Fax:    0-232-465- 0236

Established in 1993, they can offer services in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. Main practice areas are corporate, business and civil law issues. Services are

Gokcen, Sema (Ms.)

Address:   Cumhuriyet Bulvari
Erden Ishani, No. 87, Kat.3, Daire.9
Pasaport, Izmir
Telephones:   0-232-445-4777, 0-232-445-4778
Fax:    0-232-445-4779

Graduate of American Collegiate Institute, Izmir and Ankara University, Faculty of Law.  Experienced in commercial and estate law.  Fluent in English.

Kardas, Erdal (Mr.)

Sehit Fethi Bey Cad. No:79 Cezayirli Ishani
Kat: 4   35290 Alsancak  IZMIR / TURKEY
Tel:   0-232-489-9323
Fax:          0-232-483-1053
E mail:
Web-Site:  -

Mr Kardas was Born in Nazilli in 1967 and was admitted to the bar in 1990.  Graduated from the University of Istanbul Faculty of Law in 1989. He has certificates from the University of Edinburgh faculty of Law, in Scotland (1997).

Member of Izmir Bar Association, International Bar Association, and Turkish-American Businessmen’s Association. Former member of Turkish Bar Association Foreign Relations Committee.  Also acting as a consultant of Aegean Region Chamber of Industries (Ebso)
Practice Areas :  Business Law, Commercial Law, Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies Law, Labor Law, Trade Unions Law and industrial relations,  Corporate and Commercial Contracts, Intellectual Property Law, , Foreign Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Property and Real Estate Law, Civil Law, Traffic Law and Accidents, Family Law ( Child Custody, Marriage and Divorce, Adoptions ).  He speaks fluent English and some German.

Robson, Gülseren (Ms.)

Gazi Osmanpaşa Blv.
Esen han No:9
K.8 D. 805
Çankaya, Izmir
Telephones:        0-232-441-6499, 0-232-441-4795
Fax:    0-232-441-6854
E-mail :

Born in Germany in 1970. She attended the University of Marmara in Istanbul and has a law Degree from University of Kent at Canterbury in the U.K. She can take cases for auto/accidents, banking, collections contracts, corporations, estates, foreign claims, foreign investments, investment, immigration, labor relations, marketing agreements, marriage/divorce, patents/copyrights, and theft or/and fraud.  He has been practicing law since 1998 in Izmir Turkey.  She is Fluent in English.

Seckin, Selim (Mr.)

Born in 1977 in New york. Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Law in 1998. Fluent in English. He is partners with Yunus O Aydinlioglu. The law firm handles adoptions, insurance, auto/ accidents, investment, banking/ financial, civil damages, marketing agreements, collections, marriage/ divorce, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, and foreign investments. They take cases outside of Izmir and Istanbul.

Turunc, Noyan (Mr.)

Address:   B & L Consultants
Cumhuriyet Bulvari, No. 140/1, Kat.2 D.3
Alsancak, Izmir
Telephones:   0-232-463-4907, 0-232-463-4908
Fax:    0-232-463-4909

A law firm practicing in the area of business law.  Mr. Turunc was born in 1948, graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law, in 1971.  Speaks English.

Unver, Serdar (Mr.)

Address: UNP Lawyers
Vali Kazım Dirik Caddesi No. 3/506
Yeni Is Hani
Pasaport, Konak, Izmir

Telephones: 0-232- 489-5100
Cell: 0-505-937-4921
Fax: 0-232-489-5100

Graduated from ANKARA University Faculty of Law in 2003 which was followed by the Public Law Masters Degree Programme in the Institute of Social Sciences of Ankara University.  Speaks English.

Aydogan, Nazli (Ms.)

Address:   Kaplan Law firm
Kibris Sehitleri Cad.  No.317/B
Bodrum, Mugla
Tel:    +90-252-3192304
Fax:    +90-252-3192304

Graduate of Marmara University, Faculty of Law. Received her Master’s degree on Law of Economics at 9 Eylül University. Speaks English and Spanish. Handles adoption, aeronautical/maritime, labor relations, civil damages, marriage/divorce, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, foreign investments cases. Has been providing service to local and foreign clients on real estate and immovable property law, any kind of construction contracts and disputes, foreign investments, corporate law, labor law and all the civil law disputes and cases. Provides certified translator, court reporter/ stenographer and notary services. Takes cases outside of Bodrum.

Batmaz, Akin (Mr.)

Address:   Batmaz & Arslanparcasi Lawyers
Oasis Yani Zeytindali 2 Sitesi
F Blok No: 2
Bodrum, Mugla
Tel:    0-252-317-1765
Fax:    0-252-317-1778

Graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Law. Received master classes on private international law. Handles Property Law and Property Litigation. Fluent in English. Takes cases outside of Bodrum. Mr. Batmaz and Mrs. Ozlem Arslanparcasi are partners in the law office.

Kurt, Z. Emre  (Mr.)

Address:  Barbaros Alci Law Firm
              Balkanoglu Is Merkezi G Blok No: 4-5-6
              Konacik/Bodrum Mugla
Tel:  0-252-358-6676
Fax:  0-252-358-6707

Graduate of Marmara University School of Law, awarded his master of law (LL.M.) in corporate and commercial law with merit from Queen Mary, University of London. His practice covers a broad range of work namely; real estate law, foreign investment law, contract law, commercial litigation, intellectual property law, international trade law, banking and finance law.

Ozturk, Yasar (Mr.)

Address:   Ataturk Bulvari
Cenesizler Hani No. 584, Kat 2
55030 Samsun
Tel:    0-362-431-7091
Fax:    0-362-431-3428

Born in Van.  Educated at Faculty of Law, University of Istanbul.  Graduated in 1970.  Specializes in Transport and Maritime Law and Law of Obligations.  His firm, Yasar Ozturk & Rumeysa Gol, also handles criminal, commercial and collection cases.  They also operate in the Black Sea Coastal area of Turkey.  Speaks English and Italian.