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Name Change and Correcting Passport Errors

U.S. Flag (Photo: use  form DS-5504 (priority will be given to applicants presenting electronically-filled forms)
 in order to make name changes or correcting information on your passport.This form should only be used for making a data change for a previously issued, currently valid U.S. passport within one year from the date of issue:

• When there is a change in your identifying information, such as name-change due to marriage or by court order;
• To extend the validity of certain previously limited passports; or
• To correct a Passport services printing error

When submitting, please include;

• Re-application form DS-5504 (priority will be given to applicants presenting electronically-filled forms)
• The passport to be replaced
• The documentation required for the change (see instruction on page 2 of the form)
• New photo

If it is MORE than one year since the date of issue, you must submit form DS-82 (or (DS-11, if appropriate) and pay the applicable fees. Of course, no fees are required when the cause is a printing error by Passport Services. For more information please see form DS-82.


  • Due to a technical problem the Embassy can ONLY accept payments in cash (US dollars)! We currently can NOT accept Credit Card payments! We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.


  • An appointment is necessary to apply in Ankara. To book an appointment, please follow this link

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