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If you are a U.S. citizen and have a life and death emergency or there is an emergency involving a U.S. citizen, call us 24/7 at +90-312-455-5555.  If there is no answer, please call +90-212-335-9000 (U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul). We do not handle general inquiries over the phone.  If you have a question that is not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, click here to contact us. 

You may also contact the U.S. Overseas Citizens Services phone line at the following numbers:

  • If you are a caller from the U.S., call +1 202 501 4444
  • If you are a caller from overseas, call +1 888 407 4747

We will not respond to queries about Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visas.

If you are inquiring about how to protect yourself in the event of a chemical/biological attack please visit Department of State Travel site. Also FEMA site provides information on preparing for disasters.

Turkish Emergency Numbers

  • Police: Dial 155
  • Fire: Dial 110
  • Ambulance: Dial 112



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Programs for American Citizens

  • Smart Traveler
    Smart Traveler
    If you are a U.S. Citizen currently traveling abroad, you may wish to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. You can do so through the Department of State's STEP system.


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