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Dr. Evan Stark is Keynote Speaker at Gender/Violence Conference at Izmir University of Economics

April 4, 2012

Dr. Stark gave a speech at at Izmir University of Economics. (Photo: U.S. Embassy Staff)

The U.S. Embassy in Ankara invited Dr. Evan Stark to portray the U.S. experience on gender based violence and domestic violence issues.

Dr. Evan Stark, a forensic social worker and award-winning researcher, recently spoke to over 100 students, academicians, journalists, activists, and community leaders about the causes, effects, and policy implications of domestic violence. His speech focused on domestic violence in the form of coercive control, which is oppressive conduct designed to establish domination over a woman’s personal life. Dr. Stark notes that incidents of violence against women are usually not isolated events, but connected patterns of assault, intimidation, and control. At the conference, Dr. Stark conducted workshops where he discussed with community leaders from Turkey and around the world about best practices for domestic violence awareness and prevention. With a broadened perspective of violence against women, participants said they left the conference inspired to contribute to social justice on grassroots and policy levels.