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Immigrant Visas

Interview Schedule

Each applicant should have received an appointment letter in the mail, along with a list of instructions and a list of required documents. All of our currently scheduled appointments are listed below, sorted by case number. You can find your appointment date and time by using the Find command under the edit menu on your internet browser and entering your case number, or you can simply scroll down until you find your case number.

Starting on 19 December 2012, all immigrant visa applicants need to register a passport/visa pick up location through Applicants/petitioners can also call the Visa Information Service at 0850 252 6355 from Turkey or (703) 439 2348 from the United States to register their pickup locations.  We would like to remind you that there is no alternative way to receive your approved visa documents.

After the visa application process is completed and a visa is issued, the Consular Section will send the applicant’s passport and visa packet to a Turkish Postal Service (PTT) office of the applicant’s choice for personal pick up. 

When to Use CSC Appointment Scheduling Services?

Warning: Please do not schedule any appointments through the CSC service provider if your file is still at the National Visa Center or Kentucky Consular Center. If you schedule your appointment through the CSC service provider before you have been instructed to do so, your appointment date will be cancelled.
  • K1/K2 Fiancé Visa Applicants – when we receive your approved I-129F Fiancé visa petition from the National Visa Center we will contact you by email to inform you that you can make an appointment through CSC.  In order to make an appointment, you will need to pay your fiancé visa fee as directed by the web site or call center operators. For more information on the process, please visit our web page at

You can reach CSC through or by calling 0850 252 6355 from Turkey or (703) 439-2348 from the United States.

To Reschedule Your Appointment: If you will not be able to attend your interview and would like to reschedule, please contact Immigrant Visa Unit by email at to request an appointment date. 

Fiancé visa applicants need to reschedule visa appointments through

Important Notice for Diversity Visa (DV)  2013 Entrants:  Successful entrants are encouraged to send in their required documents to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) immediately, so that an interview appointment at the appropriate U.S. Embassy or consulate can be scheduled before the program ends.  In order for an appointment to be scheduled with either a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, entrants must first submit the Form DSP-122 and Form DS-230 to KCC.  Embassies and consulates only have a limited number of appointments each month, including September, for DV applicants, so it is vital that successful entrants mail these documents to KCC very soon. 

DV  2013 ends on September 30, 2013.  In addition, if all of the 50,000 DV visas have been issued before that date, the program will end.  Successful entrants should act now.  DV- 2013 visas cannot be issued after September 30,  2013.  Participants are reminded to check the status of their DV entry through Entrant Status Check, using the confirmation numbers they received when they initially submitted their applications.

Please refer to the instructions you received on the entrant status check website for directions on submitting your documents.

What's New


    Please note that effective September 12, 2014, the fees for the following visa services/categories will change.


    Nonimmigrant visa:

    E visa: $205

    K visa: $265

    Please note that the fees for all other nonimmigrant visas will remain the unchanged.


    Immigrant visa:

    Immediate Relative/Family-based IVs: $325

    Employment-based IVs: $345

    Other IVs (I-360 and special IVs): $205

    Affidavit of Support (at the National Visa Center): $120

    Waiver of Two-Year Residency Requirement: $120

    Determining returning resident status: $180

    Please note that the fees for all other immigrant visa services will remain the unchanged.

  • Important Notice for DV-2014 Applicants
  • May 30, 2014:Notice about DS-260 form for DV applicants