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List of Attorneys in Ankara
The American Embassy in Ankara assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms.  Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulates.  Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise and language ability are provided directly by the lawyers; the Embassy is not in a position to vouch for such information.  You may receive additional information about the individuals on the list by contacting the local bar association (or its equivalent) or the local licensing authorities.

Consular District
The Ankara Consular District includes the following provinces (vilayetler) of Turkey: Afyon, Agri, Aksaray, Amasya, Ankara, Antalya, Ardahan, Artvin, Aydin, Bartin, Bayburt, Burdur, Cankiri, Corum, Denizli, Erzincan, Eskisehir, Erzurum, Giresun, Gumushane, Igdir, Isparta, Izmir, Kars, Karaman, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kirikkale, Kirsehir, Konya, Kutahya, Manisa, Nevsehir, Nigde, Ordu, Rize, Samsun, Sinop, Sivas, Tokat, Trabzon, Usak, Yozgat and Zonguldak.

Useful Infortmation
Credit reports can usually be obtained through local banks, but only with the consent of the client. Citibank has branch offices in Ankara.

 Attorneys in Ankara:  

Arihan, Taylan (Mr.)

Address: Ilkiz Sokak No. 5/10
06430 Sihhiye, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-231-8393, 0-312-231-8394, 0-312-231-8395

Born in Ankara in 1966, Mr. Arihan is a Graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law.  Mr. Arihan handles civil, estate, child custody, adoption, labor, foreign investment, and traffic cases.  Participated the 25th Biennial Conference of International Bar Association held in Melbourne October 9 – 15, 1994, and became Country Representative of IBA for Turkey.  Speaks fluent English and some French.

Arikin, Seckin (Mr.)

Address:    SGS Law Firm
Tunali Cad. Binnaz Sok. 3/6
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468-9950

Born in Ordu Turkey in 1966, Mr. Arikan was educated at Ankara Law School and the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, TX.  He specializes in Auto/Accidents, Banking, collections, Contracts, Corporations, Foreign Claims, Foreign Investments, Government Relations, Insurance, Investment, Marketing Agreements, Marriage/Divorce, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights. He has practiced law since 1992 in Ankara but also between August 1999 – August 2001 he worked in Austin TX. He is fluent in English, Turkish and French.

Arisoy, Erden (Mr.)

Address: Sili Meydani, Gunes Sokak No 3/5
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-466-0881

Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1971. Working as a lawyer for 30 years. Handles real property, criminal law and enforcement law cases.

Arkun, Nilay (Ms.)

Address:Koksal-Genc Law Firm
Cinnah Caddesi
Pilot Sokak 15/4
Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-441-5200
Cell: 0-533-277-5035

Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1985, Ms. Arkun graduated from the Law School of Bilkent University in 2007. She specializes in Adoptions, Child Custody, Civil Damages, Contracts, Corporations, Estates, Government Relations, Immigration, Labor Relations, Marketing Agreements, Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights and Theft/Fraud/Embezzlement. She has practiced law since 2008 in Ankara and in Istanbul. She is fluent in English.

Babacan, Hatice Hare (Mrs.)

Address:Strazburg Cad. No:19/24
Web site:   

Born in 1978 in Antakya, Mrs. Babacan graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2000. She completed her internship and became a member of Ankara Bar Association in 2001. She lived in Florida, U.S.A. between 2003 and 2010. While in U.S.A. she continued her practices by providing legal assistance and consulting work to American and South American aviation companies which were conducting business with Turkey and Europe. She studied international law, contract law, arbitration law in American University Washington College of Law Legal English Institute’s Legal English Program in 2010. She started her own law practices in Ankara in 2011. She handles cases in commercial law, corporate law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, intellectual and property rights law, workers’ compensation, family law, real-estate law, medical malpractice law, law of decedent’s estates and administrative law. She takes cases outside of Ankara. She is fluent in English.

Bicak, Vahit (Mr.)

Address: Cetin Emec Bulvari
1322. Cadde No. 62/3
A.Ovecler, Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-473-3960
Fax: 0-312-473-3962

Prof. Dr. Vahit Bicak graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1989. He received his PhD from the University of Nottingham in Great Britain. He was a visiting scholar at both the City University of New York and the Fordham Law School, U.S.A. He has been practicing law as a legal consultant of international and national companies for over twelve years. More information about him can be found at

Bicak Law Firm provides a full range of legal advocacy and legal consultancy services, with a large amount of business working with international clients in Turkey and Turkish clients in the international market. Specialized on commercial and non-commercial criminal law, energy law, sports law, telecommunications law, foreign investment law, foreign trade law, international law, bankruptcy law, commercial law, family law and international human rights law. Speaks fluent English. 

Bozcaadali, Z. Mustafa (Mr.)

Address: Gunes Sokak No. 25/7
06690 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428-5280
Fax: 0-312-468-1993

Born in Ankara, Mr. Bozcaadali graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1971. Mr. Bozcaadali specializes in labor law. He also handles criminal cases. Mr. Bozcaadali speaks English.

Bozkurt, Vahap (Mr.)

Address: Bozkurt Law Office
Cinnah Cad. Goreme Sok. No:7/7
06680 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel:0-312-467-5533, 0-312-467-5534

Born in 1946, Sivas, Turkey. Graduate from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1969. Following his military service, he practiced law from 1971 to 1978. He then served as a judge from 1978 to 1981.From 1981 to 1982 he attended an English language course at Boston University. He has been practicing law in Turkey since 1982. Handles criminal, civil, estates, contracts and marketing agreements.Speaks English.

Buyukcinar, Sinem (Ms.)

Address: Ankara Law Office
Cinnah Cad 9/10
Cankaya Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468-3452 (Pbx)
Fax: 0-312-427-0639

Born in 1971 in Germany. Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1993. Fluent in English. She is partners with K. Tacar Caglar, Ahmet Fidanoglu and Gorkem Cikrikci. The law firm handles adoptions, insurance, auto/ accidents, investment, banking/ financial, civil damages, marketing agreements, collections, marriage/ divorce, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, and foreign investments. They take cases outside of Ankara.

Caliskan, CENGIZ (Mr.)

Address: Ankara Office: Eti Mah. Strazburg Cad. No:44 D:5 Maltepe, Cankaya, Ankara
Istanbul Office: Bagdat Cad. Pinar Apt. No:484 B Blok K:2 D:16 Cevizli, Maltepe, Istanbul
Tel: 0-533-656-1978, 0-549-640-4004

Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Law in 2000 and continues LLM at American Public University in USA. Admitted to the Ankara Bar Association, International Bar Association and CCBE (Council of Bars of E.U.) Takes and handles legal cases all around Turkey and other foreign countries. Fluent in English Language and supports other foreign languages (in office as Kurdish and French also out of office German, Arabic etc.) if needed/required. Has also New York State Notary Public License.

Worked as Senior Legal Advisor at Turkish Petroleum Distribution Inc., as Deputy Legal Advisor at Turkish Airlines Inc., Justice Ministry, Energy & Natural Resources and Development Ministries of Turkey and as Lawyer at Polaris Law & Consultancy Firm since 2002.

Experienced with legal consultancy services for national / international natural and institutional persons / companies and specialized with Energy and Mine Law, Import and Export Services, Trade and E-Trade Services, Banking and Credit Services, Share and Stock Market Law, Leasing and Finance Services, Customs and License Services, Education and Career Services, Trademark and Patent Services, Execution and Enforcement Law, Tax, Accounting and Finance Law, Family, Marriage and Divorce Law, Inspection and Reporting Services, Competition and Free Market Law, Recognition and Approval Services, Criminal, Security and Military Law, Franchising and Knowhow Services, Arbitration and Mediation Services, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services, Research and Development Services, Employment and Employee Services, Work and Residence Permit Services, International General and Private Law, Labor, Worker and Social Security Law, Real Estate, Property and Building Law, Representing and Distributing Services, Company Merger and Division Services, Personal, Inheritance and Heritage Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Expert and Professional Report Services, Company Founding and Buying Services, Official and Private Transaction Services, Organization and Management Services, Company Boards Meetings and Services, Media, Consumer and Environment Law, Bureaucratic and Administrative Services, Health, Insurance and Compensation Law, Internet and Data Processing Security Law, Permit, License and Authorization Services, European Union and Customs Union Services, Company and Commercial Management Law, Public Procurement and Privatization Services, International and Regional Arbitration Services, International Contract and Agreement Services, Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship Services, Foreign Capital and Commercial Investment Services, Telecom, Information and Data Technologies Services.

Cekeneci, Harun Ibrahim (Mr.)

Address: Mebusevleri, Suslu Sok. No 18Tandogan, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-212-6778

Born in 1971 in Zonguldak. Graduated from TED Zonguldak Collage in 1989. Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1996. Handles auto/accidents, civil damages, collections, contracts, estates, foreign claims, foreign investments, labor relations, marketing agreements, marriage/divorce, narcotics and theft cases. Fluent in English.

Cekinmez Law Office
Çekinmez, Boğaç (Mr.)

Address: 2052. Sokak, No: 40, 06800, Beysukent, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: 0-312-236-4646
Fax: 0-312-236-4636

Cekinmez Law Office offers corporate-level consultancy, litigation and execution proceedings services in line with the legal requirements of our clients in Ankara and in İstanbul liaison office. Working areas of our office extends over all the principal areas of law; especially the law of obligations, trade law, labor law and administrative law. Our lawyers carry out their works, on the basis of the most up-to-date legislation, case-law and doctrine. Our office offers services in international standards, through its tailor-made CRM software. The bulk of our current work is composed of the arbitration cases that we handle in Turkey as well as in the US, France and Switzerland. A weighted portion of our existing clientèle are renown national and international corporations and international partnerships, suppliers of goods and services in a diversity of sectors.

Cinar, Mustafa Hakan (Mr.)

Address: Bestekar Sokak, No. 86/13
06680 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-426-9022
Fax: 0-312-426-9432

Born in 1961 in Ankara. Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law, in 1985. Handles civil, commercial, labor, finance, estates, insurance and child custody cases. Speaks fluent English.

Demir, Bora (Mr.)

Address: Selanik Caddesi No: 46/19 Kızılay, Çankaya/ANKARA
Tel: 0-312-425-0522
Fax: 0-312-425-0544

Provides a full range of legal advocacy and legal consultancy services in several fields of law such as civil law, family law, medical malpractice law, law of contracts, labor law, business law, commercial law, corporate law, insurance law, real property law, criminal law, administrative law, tax law, enforcement and bankruptcy law, intellectual and property right law, trademark and patent law, foreign investment law, foreign trade law. Offers law services in Turkish, English and German. His Clients are natural persons, private commercial companies and financial institutions. Besides being an attorney at law, Mr. Demir is also a trademark and patent attorney registered to Turkish Patent Office. Takes cases outside of Ankara, all around Turkey.

Dogan Urek, Didem (Mrs.)
Urek, Markus (Mr.

Address: Güvenlik Caddesi 33/4 Aşağı Ayrancı Ankara
Tel: 0-312-467-6085
Fax: 0-312-424-0794

Doğan Legal Consultation Bureau’s Centre is based in Ankara where legal advice, investment consultancy, asset management and national/international legal consultation services are offered. Doğan Legal Consultation Bureau operates on 24/7 basis. The Bureau is capable to intervene on all domestic issues and needs and is also equipped with the ability to promptly appoint experts on matters in accordance with the subject. Under the leadership of advocate Didem Doğan, the bureau has legal cooperation in coordination with highly regarded law bureaus and investment consultants operating in different regions of Turkey, such as; in Ankara, Istanbul, Mardin, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Antakya and Antalya. The incorporated Bureaus are staffed with practicing advocates who are expert and highly experienced in Naval, Criminal, Trade, Family, Citizenship, Bankruptcy, Health and Trade Laws. The scope of the services offered by Doğan Legal Consultation Bureau involve offering rapid and effective solution to personal, institutional, company trade disputes as well as resolving personal matters, both locally or internationally.

Durak, Cenk Alp (Mr.)

Address: Saglik 1 Sokak, Tarkan Is Hani, No. 13/8
06410 Sihhiye, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-430-6758-59

Born in 1953, in Turkey. Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Ankara University. Has a master degree in Commercial Law from the same Faculty.He started as a law apprentice after succeeding entrance examination for judgeship in 1977. In 1980 he was transferred to the Ministry of Justice. In 1993 he was promoted to the Deputy General Directorship of Penal Affairs and in 1999 he was promoted to the General Directorship. He also performed as the Head of the National Central Authority for the practical application of international criminal and civil law instruments such as European Convention on Extradition, European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal matters and some of United Nations Conventions providing international assistance in regards with criminal matters.He retired from the Ministry of Justice on November 2001 and started to work as a private lawyer.

Eldeniz, Gülperi (Ms.)

Address: Üsküp Caddesi No:1 Farabi Apt. Kat:2 Daire:16
06450 Kavaklıdere-Ankara
Tel: 0 312 4666640 (pbx)
Fax: 0 312 4666641
GSM: 0 532 3060968

Born in 1977, in Merisn, Turkey. Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law. Still studying to obtain her Master’s degree on Commercial Law at Ankara University Institute for Social Sciences. Has an article titled “Signature in Format Based Contracts” published in Ankara Bar Review Journal. Attended a certificate program at Ankara University Faculty of Law on Intellectual Property Rights at FISAUM. Has been practicing law since 2003; especially Commercial Law. Also worked as a legal counselor. Fluent in English and speaks German well. Takes cases outside of Ankara, all around Turkey. Handles banking/financial, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, foreign investments, labor relations, marketing agreements, marriage/divorce, patents/ trademarks/ copyrights cases.

Emed, Cicek (Mrs.)

Address:Senguler & Senguler Law Firm
In association with Ledingham Chalmers of Istanbul
Tel: 0-312-295-6277
Fax: 0-312-295-6200

Born in 1969, in Arizona USA. Has double major in Philosophy and Political Science and graduated cum laude. Attended Suffolk University Law School and graduated. Member and Managing Editor of Transnational Law Review.Handles banking/financial, contracts, corporations, estates, foreign claims, foreign investments, governmental relations, investment, immigration, marketing and mining cases.

Eralp, Ozge Evci (Mrs.) and Eralp, Ozgur (Mr.)

Address: AGMK Bulvari 39/24 Maltepe, Ankara Turkey
Tel: 0-312-231-3264
Fax: 0-312-231-2077

Eralp Law Office was founded in 2000. Özge Evci Eralp and Özgür Eralp are partners of Eralp Law Office. Özge Evci Eralp graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of law. She has a master degree in Tax Law from Gazi University. Besides being an attorney at law, she is also a trademark and patent attorney registered to Turkish Patent Office. Özgür Eralp graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of law. He also teaches cyber law and criminal law at several law schools and he is a conference speaker in the field of cyber law. Eralp law office handles cyber law, informatics law, digital investigations, auto/accidents, banking/ financial, civil damages, collections, contracts, corporations, estates, government relations, labor relations, marketing/ agreements, patents/trademarks/copyrights, taxes, theft/fraud/embezzlement. Both lawyers have been practicing law in Turkey, particularly in Ankara and in Istanbul. They are fluent in English. The law firm provides certified translation services.

Ergan, Arzu ONGUR (Mrs.)

Bestekar Sok. 78/5-6
Kavaklidere, Ankara Turkey
Tel: 0-312-426-3994
Fax: 0-312-426-3995

Arzu Ongur Ergan graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law. After that She completed a program named “Master in Development Innovation and Change” at Bologna University Faculty of Law in Italy. Flowingly, she completed a second post graduate level study on EU Studies & Law at Collegio Europeo di Parma in Italy. She is a PHD degree candidate in the field of administrative and competition Law at Ankara University Faculty of Law. She completed advanced specialization training on International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Washington DC. She is a full service law and consulting office, provides legal assistance in international standards with a core group of skilled attorneys (Att. Aygün Ergan and Att. Erkan Akbaba) specialized in different fields of legal practice such as international law, business law, commercial law, energy and constriction, competition law and ADR etc. Our clients are mainly natural persons, public and privately held commercial companies and financial institutions as well as governments and state owned entities. We ensure legal services in Turkish, English and Italian. Our business districts consist of Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Konya, Antalya and Alanya. We are member of certain prestigious associations such as TABA (Turkish American Business Association), Italian Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Italian Business Association etc. We handle government relations, investment, banking/financial, immigration, civil damages, marriage/ divorce, estates, marketing agreements, collections, taxes, foreign claims, contracts, mining, corporations, patents/ trademarks/ copyrights, foreign investments cases. Please visit our website for more details.

Ersoy, Yuksel (Mr.)

Address:Ersoy Law Office
Ilkbahar Mah 612 Sok No:11
ORAN, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-491-8282 (pbx)
Fax: 0-312-491-8283

Born in 1936 in Artvin. Retired Professor of Law with postgraduate studies and research at Schools of Law in Rome, Italy, University of California in Berkeley and University of Virginia. Fluent in English and Italian.

Practiced Areas: Aeronautical/Maritime, Banking/Financial, Child Custody, Civil Damages, Contracts, Collections, Corporations, Estates, Foreign claims, Foreign investments, Insurance, Investment, Marketing Agreements, Patents/Trademarks/copyrights.

Feyzioglu, Birgul (Ms.)

Address:   Feyzioglu Law Office
Cinnah Cad., Alacam Sokak, 27/6
06540 Asagi Ayranci, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428 2857, 0-312-428-1451  
Fax: 0-312-427 4402

Graduate of the University of Ankara, Faculty of Law, in 1990.  She served as Legal Adviser at Main Office of Vakifbank, Ankara, between 1991-1993; Legal Research Officer at Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations between 1993-1996.  Attended Columbia University, School of General Studies, American Program, in 1996.  Specialized in commercial and labor law.  Ms. Feyzioglu is the fourth generation to run the Feyzioglu Law Office, which was founded in 1920.  She has published several articles on commercial and labor law.  Fluent in English.

Gurol, Emin (Mr.)

Address: Mesrutiyet Caddesi No. 12/29
Kizilay, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-417-6425, 0-312-417-6426, 0-312-417-2048
Fax: 0-312-418-0892

Born in Konya in 1925.  Educated at Ankara University, Faculty of Law graduated 1953.  Specialized in civil and commercial law.  Speaks English.

Isik, Serhat (Mr.)

Address: Cinnah Caddesi Kilis Sokak N:5/5
Cankaya 06680 Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468 80 69
Fax: 0-312-468 80 96

Graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Law. Handles antidumping, auto/accidents, debt collection, insurance and labor related cases. Certified court expert in labor law and compensation calculation on injury and death. Speaks fluent English. 

Kiziloglu, Saliha (Ms.)

Address:  Yesilirmak Caddesi 17/21, Demirtepe, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-231-3600
Fax: 0-312-231-3600
Cell: 0-533-381-4181

Born in Giresun. Ms.Kızıloğlu graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law. Ms.Kızıloğlu specializes in commercial and labor law, civil law, estates contracts and marketing agreements, trademarks, copyrights.

Kocaoglu Law Office
Kocaoglu Avukatlik Burosu
Ataturk Bulvari Ozkan Ishani
No. 94/10
Kizilay, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-419-2823
Fax: 0-312-418-4215

US Address:                     
Kagan Kocaoglu, Esq.
65 Broadway 7th Floor
New York, NY 10006
Tel: (202) 997-0917         

Three attorneys are partners at Kocaoglu Law Office: Attorney Prof. Dr.  Mehmet Kocaoglu, Attorney  Sinan Kocaoglu and Attorney Kagan Kocaoglu.

Kocali, M. Kaan  (Mr.)

Address:    Kocali Law Firm
Sezenler Caddesi No: 10/20
Sihiyye, Ankara
Tel:   0-312-229-4829
Fax:  0-312-231-4285

Born in 1966. Graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law. Received his Masters degree on European Union from Atilim University. Handles auto/ accidents, banking/financial, civil damages, contracts, corporations, estates, foreign investments, government relations, insurance, investment, marketing agreements, marriage/divorce and patens/trademarks/copyrights. Takes cases outside of Ankara.

Mr. Kocali has been practicing law in Turkey for 10 years. His law firm represents many U.S. companies. He speaks English well.

Liman, Altan (Mr.)

Address:    Aydas Liman Kurman Attorneys at Law
Bestekar Sokak 86/12
Kavaklidere 06680, Ankara
Tel:   0-312-467-3421
Fax:  0-312-467-3331
E-mail Address:

Graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law. Received his Master of Law degree from University of Amsterdam. Handles banking/financial, civil damages, collections, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, foreign investments, investment, labor relations, marketing agreements, and mining cases. Takes cases outside of Ankara.

Mr. Liman has been practicing law in Turkey, particularly in Ankara and in Istanbul since 2001. He is fluent in English.

The law firm provides certified translation services. They have represented many U.S. companies and individuals in the past.

Murat Law Office

Address:  1450 Sok Ulusoy Plaza Kat: 7 No: 9/26-27
Çukurambar - Ankara
Tel: 0-312-220-0858
Fax: 0-312-220-0424
E-mail Address:

Murat Law Office was founded by Att. Suat Murat Celikten in 1999.  The firm provides legal service to clients, in particular to international and multi-national companies doing business in Turkey and Murat Law Office is composed of 9 lawyers and 3 supporting staffs.  

Murat Law Office specializes in competition law, European community law, trademark law, patent law, business law, commercial law, stock exchange law, franchising law, company law, contracts, civil law, informatics law, construction law, security law, corporate law, international law, international trade law, intellectual property, data protection, torts; telecommunications law, energy law, capital markets law and alternative dispute resolution. 

Ocal, Hakan (Mr.)
KORU Law Firm

Address: Bayındır 2 Sokak 49/13 Kızılay Ankara
Tel: 0-312-425-2803-04Fax: 0-312-425-2389
E-mail Address:   

Graduate of Doğu Akdeniz University Faculty of Law. Handles auto/accidents, child custody, civil damages, collections, contracts, corporations, foreign claims, foreign investments, insurance, labor relations, marriage/divorce, narcotics and theft/fraud/embezzlement cases. Takes cases outside of Ankara.

Mr. Öcal has been practicing law in Turkey, particularly in Ankara and in Istanbul since 2003. He is fluent in English.

The law firm provides certified translation services. 

Oğuz, Arzu (Mrs.)

Address: Tirebolu sokak. Haznedar Apt. 3/6 Y. Ayrancı/Ankara

Graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law. Received her Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Private Law from Ankara University Faculty of Law and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Roman Law and Comparative Law from University of Munich. Handles insurance, investment, banking/financial, labor relation, civil damages, marketing agreements, marriage/divorce, contracts, corporations, estates, patents/ trademarks/ copyrights, foreign claims, taxes and foreign investments cases. Takes cases outside of Ankara.

Mrs. Oğuz is the Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Law and has been practicing law for five years. She speaks English and German.             

Ozbilgin, Gökhan (Mr.)

Address:    Tunus Cad. 65/10
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel:  0-312-428-3415
Fax:  0-312-428-3416

Born in Ankara in 1971, Mr. Ozbilgin is a graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law. Mr. Ozbilgin attended the Certificate Program of "English for Lawyers" at Banking and Commerce Research Institute of Ankara University between 1993-1994. He taught courses on various legal subjects such as European Union Law, English Legal System and Legal Translation at that program. Currently, he teaches courses on different aspects of European Law, including institutional and substantive law Thesis on "Merger Control." Mr. Ozbilgin especially handles contacts, corporations and energy cases. Speaks good English.

Senoglu, Sebahattin (Mr.)

Address:   Necatibey Caddesi
Balikcioglu Is Merkezi Kat:5 No:131
Sihhiye, Ankara
Tel:    0-312-229-4798/229-47-99(pbx)
Fax:    0-312-229-4798

Born in 1959 in Sivas. Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Faculty of Law in 1982. Has been working for 16 years as an attorney of law. Handles adoption, auto/accidents, child custody, foreign claims, insurance, investment, immigration, marriage/divorce and patents/trademarks/copyrights cases. He is good in reading and speaking English.

Tiryakioglu, Bilgin (Prof. Dr.)

Address: Tiryakioglu Cakmakci Kesmer Attorneys at Law 
Kuleli Sokak, 25/13, 06700
Cell: 0-532-786-3826
Tel:  0-312-437-0924 
Fax: 0-312-437-5204


Prof. Dr. Tiryakioglu is a distinguished expert of private international law issues with over 25 years of legal experience. She has worked and published extensively in the areas of International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Energy Law, Dispute Resolution, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments & Arbitral Awards, International Trade, Foreign Investment, Migration Law, International Family Law (Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Division of Property and Maintenance Obligation), International Child Abduction and Competition Law. She has chaired the Private International Law Department at Ankara University, and researched as a Fulbright Scholar at Washington College of Law, American University. She is currently a Professor of Law at Bilkent University.

Tiryakioglu, Cakmakci, Kesmer AaL  handles issues relating to Commercial Law (company formation and governance,capital markets regulation, joint ventures, partnerships, franchise, licensing), Energy Law (oil & gas, mining, renewable energy, electric generation transmission and distribution) and Dispute Resolution (litigation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration). They also provide services outside of Ankara.

Ulus, Hamdi Tahsin (Mr.)

Hanimeli Sokak, Kantar Apt, 19/3
06430 Sihhiye, Ankara
Tel:    0-312-229-7788
Fax:    0-312-229-0148

Born in 1964 in Ankara.  Graduated from Ankara College, in 1982 and from  University of Ankara, Faculty of Law, in 1986.  Attended U.A.F.L. Banking and Commercial Law Research Institute’s post graduate E.U. Law and English for Lawyers Certificate Programs in 1990-1992.  Member of I.B.A.(International Bar Association and CCBE (Council of Bars of E.U.). Handles marriages and divorces, civil, child custody, and labor cases.  Specializes in property law, real estate law, law of contracts, commercial investment.  He is fluent in English and speaks some German.  Partner with his father, Mr. Suleyman Seydi Ulus, in a law office, named “Ulus & Ulus” established in 1959.

Ural, Engin (Mr.)

Address:   Tunali Hilmi Caddesi, No. 50/20
06660 Ankara
Tel:   0-312-425-5508
Fax:  0-312-418-5118

Born in Ankara.  Graduate of Istanbul University, Law Faculty, in 1967.  Specialized in civil law, legal entities, associations, foundations and in all kinds of real estate cases and related matters, including rent issues.  He also handles trade disputes.  Speaks English fluently.

Varoglu, Bedri (Mr.)

Address:   Ataturk Bulvari No:223/4
06680 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel:    0-312-466-3910
Fax:    0-312-466-3922

Born in 1960 in Denizli. Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1982. Completed his LLM Degree at the Institute of Social Sciences at Ankara University. With scholarship granted by Council of Europe, he conducted research on “International Leasing” at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London between 1985 and 1986. Handles auto/accidents, civil damages, child custody, foreign investments, labor relations and patents cases. Fluent in English.

Yagiz, Dogan (Mr.)

Address:   Ataturk Bulvari, No. 229
Kavalidere, Ankara
Tel:    0-312-455-4267
Fax:    0-312-427-1305

Born in 1948, in Izmir.  Graduate of Ankara Law School, in 1970.  Together with  35 colleagues he provides most legal services,  including criminal cases.  His office can also provide certified translator’s services.  He is fluent in English.  

Yalçın, F. Zuhal (Ms.)  

Address:   Ataturk Bulvari, No. 223/23
Kavalidere, Ankara
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Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1975. Attended various trainings and courses in Turkey and abroad. Served as a lawyer for the governmental bodies, such as Ankara Municipality, The General Directorate of Highways till 1988. Then joined private sector and worked as an in-house lawyer/legal advisor in foreign petroleum companies. For the time being, Mrs. Yalçın works as a free-lance lawyer and legal advisor. Handles cases such as auto/accidents, real estates, contracts, government relations, marriage/divorce, mining, and patens/trademarks/copyrights and gives legal advice on exploration/production of petroleum issues. She is fluent in English.

Yıldırım, Selen (Mrs.)     

Saglik1 Cad. 5/9 
Sihhiye, Ankara
Tel: 0-312 433 55 38 
Fax: 0-312 433 55 39
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Born in 1986. Graduate of Baskent University Faculty of Law. Handles; civil damages, contracts, corporations, estates, foreign investments, investment, marketing agreements, marriage/divorce and patens/trademarks/copyrights. Takes cases outside of Ankara. 

Yuca Law Office - Nedim Yuca

Address:   Ziya Gokalp Cad. No.7/21
Kizilay, Ankara
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Born in 1957, in Bandirma.  Graduate of Ankara Law School in 1987. Served for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as National Legal Officer between 1987-1998.  Expert on refugee, immigrant and migrant cases.  Also specialized in Child Abduction, Adoption, parental rights,  Contract, Estates, Foreign Claim, Foreign Investment, Government Relation, Insuarance, Marriage/Divorce and criminal cases.  He is fluent in English. 

Yurdakul, Fatih Selim (Mr.)

Address:   Adakale Sokak,  No. 32/19
Kizilay,  06410 Ankara
Tel:    0-312-430-0875 pbx, 430-5718
Fax:   0-312-435-6924

Born in 1965, in Tokat, Turkey.  Received BA and MA degrees from the Faculty of Law, Ankara University, in 1986 and 1992 respectively.  Handles civil, commercial, labor, finance, patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Also handles collections, mining/petroleum and aeronautical/maritime cases and has done criminal cases.  Fluent in English and German.