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Medical Facilities at Ski Resorts

Skiing is a fun sport and enjoyed by many members of our mission, but accidents do happen, so we have designed a guide for you as to what medical facilities are available in each of the more popular skiing resorts around Turkey. This information has been collected from either the management of the main hotels or from the medical centers on site. 

Kartalkaya 120 miles northwest of Ankara. There are two mountain top hotels located at 2000 meters

  • Kartal Hotel, Tel: 0374-234-5000, Fax: 0374-234-5004
  • Doruk Kaya Hotel, Tel: 0374-234-5026, Fax: 0374-234-5025

Both hotels claim that they have a doctor available at the hotel. These doctors are general practitioners and are resident over the weekends and called in on the weekdays. Each hotel has a first aid room, and initial examination, evaluation, bleeding control, dressings, simple suturing and splinting are available.

The nearest hospital is 38 km away from the ski resort and travel time is estimated as being approximately one hour, depending on weather conditions. The hotels offer transportation if necessary. There are both government and private hospitals in the town of Bolu.

Snowmobiles can pull a stretcher from the mountain to one of the hotels, where the person is evaluated, necessary first aid is given and then the patient is transported to the hospital if further treatment is necessary. Fellow skiers on the mountain alert the snowmobile, who goes to help the injured person. No x-ray or casting facilities are available near the mountains. A small Jandarma mountain resscue team is being activated in February 1999 and will be based at the Hotels.

Erciyes Mountain (Erciyes Dagi) 210 miles south east of Ankara, near Kayseri. There is one main hotel, located at 2200 meters next to the lift:

  • Dedeman Hotel Tel: 0352-342-2116, Fax: 0352-342-2117

This hotel has a doctor available, who is associated with a first-aid clinic in the area. The hotel has a small first aid room for initial evaluation, simple suturing, control of bleeding, dressings, and splinting. There is no radiology or casting facility on site.

The nearest hospital is 20 km away, and estimated travel time, depending on weather conditions, is 25 minutes. There are two choices of hospital in the town: a teaching hospital and a government hospital.

There are 2 snowmobiles available to pull a stretcher up the mountain, and the hotel would make a vehicle available for transportation to the hospital if necessary. Fellow skiers on the mountain would help to alert the drivers of the snowmobiles.

Uludag 280 miles west of Ankara, close to Bursa. There are numerous hotels located near ski lifts. It is an extremely popular resort, which is very crowded on weekends and local holidays. One of the main hotels was contacted for information.

  • Beceren Hotel Tel: 0224-285-2111.

This region has the best on-site medical facilities of all the resorts in Turkey.

There is a 3-story clinic on site. Orthopedists, and internists are available 24 hours a day. A pediatrician is also available during the high season and local school holidays. There is one nurse and one other staff member employed at this clinic, both of whom are a associated with Uludag University Hospital in Bursa. An ambulance with a nurse and doctor could be made available if necessary for transportation to the town. This clinic has a small radiology department with x-ray equipment suitable for evaluation of injuries to the head, arms or legs; further investigations would be referred to the hospital. The two ambulances belong to the government hospital.

Sabanci Poliklinigi, Tel. 0224-285-2166 Contact person is Mr. Mustafa Karaca. He does not speak English, but the doctors have limited knowledge. Hotel staff are available for translation problems

There are 5 snowmobiles, patrolling the mountains for any problems or accidents so any injured person can be transported down the mountain on a stretcher. The local Gendarmerie (Jardarma) are also available to assist with retrieving an injured person from the mountains; they work together with the drivers of the snowmobile to help people. A spokesman from the clinic suggested that retrieval time off the mountain could be up to 15 minutes to get to the clinic, and another hour to get to the hospital at Bursa. Usually, the patient is first evaluated at the clinic, then referred to the hospital if necessary. There are no in-patient facilities at the clinic.

Palandoken Mountains In Erzurum, 570 miles east of Ankara. There is one main hotel at this resort, located at 2400 meters:

  • Dedeman Hotel Tel: 0442-316-2414

This hotel has a doctor available 24 hours a day. Who specializes in internal medicine. There is a small first aid room at the hotel for initial evaluation, control of bleeding, dressings, simple suturing, and application of splints. There are no casting or radiology facilities on site. The nearest hospitals are only 4 km away from the mountain, and estimated travel time is 10 minutes, depending on weather conditions. There are more than five main hospitals to choose from, mainly Government or University Hospitals. The hotel staff can assist with any language difficulties and provide transportation to the hospital.

There are 2 snowmobiles available to pull stretchers off the mountain. Right next to the hotel are the Gendarmerie (Jardarma), who work together with the drivers of the snowmobiles to assist injured skiers. They can also give first-aid if necessary.

Elmadag (Ankara) 10 miles southeast of Ankara.

  • The Whitetail Hotel, tel: 499 2244 is located on the mountain next to the very small ski slope which is suitable only for beginners and children. Ankara also has a skiing club, with a building situated very near to the single ski slope lift.

The Ankara Ski Club was contacted, and they reported that there were no medical facilities on the mountain. Occasionally on the weekends snowmobiles are present to assist retrieve an injured person, but there is no first aid available. If there is an accident, fellow skiers call for help and transportation to a hospital in downtown Ankara is by private vehicle. A telephone is available at the hotel or ski club to call an ambulance.

  • 177 Hizir Ambulance Service: Government owned service; no English spoken.
  • Bayindir Hospital has an ambulance available Tel: 287 9000. A nurse and/or doctor can be requested to accompany the patient. English spoken in the Emergency Room.

It might be advisable to take a small first-aid bag with you, should you plan to stay on the mountain for some time.