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U.S. Citizen Services
Security Notification:
Applicants (including U.S. Citizens) are not able to bring in cell phones or any other electronic devices into the Embassy. Applicants will be turned away since there is no storage for electronic devices available.


  • Due to a technical problem the Embassy can ONLY accept payments in cash (US dollars)! We currently can NOT accept Credit Card payments! We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.

General Information

U.S. flag imageWelcome to the American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit of the U.S. Embassy Ankara.  We provide the following routine and emergency services and information: passport issuance and renewals, reports of birth abroad, notarial services, information for travelers, death of an American Citizen abroad, voter assistance, tax forms, living in Turkey, how to protect yourself from various types of scams and emergency services for American citizens.  

The American Citizen Services Unit will not be responding to queries about Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visas.


General Info

General Information


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U.S. Citizen Services







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Nonimmigrant Visas

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Izmir Consular Agency Closure Dates

  • Izmir Consular Agency will be closed for all services between April 9th and April 20th. Izmir Consular Agent will continue to schedule appointments during this temporary closure. Please send an email to to schedule your appointments. ACS Unit in Ankara will continue to provide passport, report of birth and notarial services by online appointment.

Upcoming Closure Dates

  • 23 April 2014
    National Sovereignty and Children’s


Entry Into The Consulates

  • Security logo

    Inform yourself of what you CANNOT bring into the consulate.
    Forbidden Items :
    • NO Laptops
    • NO Cell/Mobile Phones (including iPhone & Blackberries)
    • NO Handheld Tablets (iPad or similar) or E-Readers
    • NO MP3 or similar music players (iPod or similar)
    • NO USB sticks/flash memory devices
    • NO Cameras or Camcorders
    • NO Portable Game Devices
    • NO Luggage, Bags or Backpacks
    • NO Bottled Liquids (including perfume & drinks)
    • NO Flammable Liquids or Lighters
    In addition to the list above, security may decide not to admit other unlisted items into the waiting area.