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Statements by U.S. Officials 2011

PJ Crowley: US Views on Turkey’s Gaza Flotilla Report

January 26, 2011

On January 26, State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley reiterated the US position regarding two recent reports by  Turkey and Israel on events surrounding the Gaza Flotilla.  Describing the Turkish National Commission of Inquiry report as “an independent, credible report,” Crowley emphasized that “each country – Turkey and Israel – has worked seriously and responsibly to get at the facts, and both have made important contributions to the work of the Secretary General’s panel.” 

He went on to say: “we do know that there are efforts being made on both sides to find ways to resolve the strains that do exist.  We hope that can be done, because this relationship has very significant meaning, both in terms of our respective relations with these two countries, but more importantly, Turkey has been a significant player in helping to resolve issues in the region related to the pursuit of Middle East peace.  And we would hope that in the future that effort can continue.”

He added:  “What is of equal importance to us is the longstanding ties that we have to both Israel and Turkey.  They are both close friends of the United States.  They have a relationship that has been important bilaterally and to the region, and we hope that both countries will continue to seek opportunities to move beyond the recent strains in their own bilateral relations.”