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Guide to NIV

Step 8: Appear For Your Interview

Your Interview
During the interview, an applicant needs to establish, to the satisfaction of the interviewing consular officer, that he/she has sufficient economic, professional, family and social ties to Turkey to compel his/her departure from the United States after a temporary stay.

Examples of compelling ties could be employment, home or business ownership, continued university enrollment, and spouse or children.  See Step 7 above for information on commonly submitted information.

Due to filing and storage concerns, we ask that you do not fax or mail documents in support of an application to us. We request that you bring supporting documentation (including invitation letters) with you to the visa interview.

Applicants who do not speak Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, or English must bring an interpreter.
Most nonimmigrant visa applicants will be digitally fingerprinted during their visa interview at the window.