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Death of an American Citizen Abroad

Transmitting Funds

The Embassy cannot authorize any preparation of remains until the proper funds are on deposit. Therefore, it is imperative that the necessary funds and instructions are provided as soon as possible after a death occurs. There are two ways to transfer funds to Turkey.

Direct Transfer to the Funeral Home: If costs are to be borne by relatives or friends in the United States, the quickest means of transmission is to make arrangements directly with the funeral home to transfer funds electronically. Contact the Turkish funeral home you choose directly for details.

Telegraphic Transfer via the Department of State: If a direct transfer to your funeral home in Turkey is not possible, you can send funds to the Office of Overseas Citizens Services (OCS), Department of State, Washington, D.C., for forwarding to the Embassy or Consulate, and later to the mortuary service in Turkey. A $30 processing fee should be included in transfers to the Department of State.

To send funds via the Department of State, please call 1-888-407-4747 or 1-202-647-522 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday. At all other times call 202-647-4000.

There are three methods of transmitting funds to OCS for transfer overseas. Any unused funds will be returned after all bills have been paid:

  • Western Union:  is the fastest method of sending funds to the Department of State’s Overseas Citizens Services (OCS) Office.  Funds sent via Western Union are generally processed and available for disbursement overseas within 24 hours during the business week.  Western Union’s Quick Collect© service may be used by calling 1-800-634-4322 or by logging onto Western Union.  In most cases, funds sent via Western Union arrive at OCS within 30 minutes.

You will need one of the following major credit cards to send money over the phone:

  • MasterCard, Visa or Discover; on the Internet: MasterCard or Visa. 
  • You will be asked for a “code city,” which is:  OVERSEASEMERGENCY, DC.” 
  • You will be asked for a “Pay To” name, which is “Department of State.”
  • You will be asked for an account number:  please use your phone number.
  • You may also go in person, with cash, to any Western Union agent location. 

This is the least expensive Western Union method of sending money.  To find the closest location, call 1-800-325-6000.  You will need to complete a blue payment form, which will ask for the same information requested above.  

  • Bankwire:  can take up to 7 days to process.  Tell your bank that you want to transfer the desired amount plus $42 ($30 Department of State processing fee and $12 wire transfer fee) to Bank of America, Department of State Branch, 2201 C St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20520 at 202-624-4750, via ABA Number: 114000653; Account Number: 7476363838; Account Name: PUPID State Department. Include your loved one’s full name, the overseas location of their remains, and your name, address, and telephone number.  Bank of America will forward your funds to OCS. 
  • U.S. Mail or Courier Service:  send a cashiers check or money order ONLY (personal checks and cash cannot be accepted) for the desired amount, plus the $30 processing fee, made payable to Department of State, to:

    Overseas Citizens Services
    U.S. Department of State, SA-29, 4th Floor
    2201 C St., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20520 

Include your loved one’s full name, the overseas location of their remains, and your name, address, and telephone number.  Delivery of overnight/courier mail to OCS may take 3 to 4 days.  Regular mail can take 3 to 4 weeks to reach OCS due to internal mail screening procedures. We discourage using this method to transmit funds to OCS.

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