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Death of an American Citizen Abroad

Necessary Turkish Government Documents

In order to prepare remains for local burial or shipment abroad, several documents must be obtained from the Turkish authorities. In many instances a funeral home in Turkey can obtain, or assist you in obtaining, these papers.

The first and most important document is the Turkish Death Certificate. The first physician who examines the body and the hospital’s medical director, or the municipality physician if death did not occur at a hospital, will prepare and sign the official Turkish death certificate. A certified English translation of the death certificate is also required.

Embalming Report: Only physicians are authorized to embalm corpses and issue the necessary report for export of remains.  If the physician’s report is in Turkish, a local funeral home can assist in obtaining a certified English translation. 

Affidavit: An affidavit of the mortician must be signed by the embalming authority and executed before the Consular Officer.

Consular Mortuary Certificate: The Embassy or Consulate will prepare this document for U.S. citizens being sent to the United States.

Export Permit: After completing all the requirements, an export permit will be issued by a municipality physician.

Customs Transportation Certificate: A customs officer examines the casket in the presence of a municipality physician and issues the customs certificate.  Upon receipt of the airway bill number, the Municipality Health Office issues a laissez passer, which is the final certificate necessary for the export of the remains. 

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